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For a decade, I've journeyed through life with a profound sense of spiritual and mythic significance. Over these years, I've nurtured personal practices, daily rituals, and tools for self-discovery and expansion. Alongside my own living myth, these have enriched my existence and nurtured deep wells of nourishment. I've also delved into shamanic techniques and sensibilities under the guidance of mentors and through firsthand experiences.
Central to my path has been an open-roofed room, ever-present and welcoming. Within its walls reside the tendrils of mystery, the starlit wonder, and experiences beyond the mundane, unshackled from the grip of the 9-5 routine. This room, a haven of belief in the extraordinary, invites contemplation of "what if" and calls to shed burdens.
Despite this journey, I'm not immune to life's challenges, struggles, and seasonal turmoil. I hold no golden ticket out of adversity. What I offer is what I've learned, a collection of personally honed shamanic practices and approaches that:
Build a foundation of shamanic practices
• Foster expanded awareness of the inner and outer realms
• Explore dream and journey states to unearth deeper truths
• Forge spiritual connections
• Cultivate and collaborate with inner allies
• Activate sacred power, integrity, and soulful perspective
• Develop linguistic precision and word rituals for empowerment
• Infuse life with purpose, myth, codes, belief, and meaning
Who is this for:
Those seeking or who are:
• Deeper shamanic connection and practices
• A richer and more profound spiritual meaning
• To connect with inner allies and sacred power
• Facilitators seeking nourishment and expansion
• To infuse their life with myth, belief, and purpose
• Self-expansion and exploration

If this resonates, reach out for details, pricing, or to secure your spot. Limited spaces - only 7 spaces open.
• A 3-month immersive online experience
• Weekly Group Zoom Calls – Rich content and shared experiences
• Monthly 1:1 Zoom Calls - Personalized debrief and integration
• Weekly Downloadable Resources - Instructional documentation, practices, and intentions
• Custom Shamanic Drumming Journeys and Meditations - Tailored for various explorations
• Daily Support - Questions and guidance through Whatsapp

The Monthly breakdown:
Embark on a journey of deep inner inquiry and exploration with the Path of Sacred Power program! Over three months, you'll awaken the sacred in your everyday life, connect with your spiritual meaning and soulful purpose, and unlock mythic and poetic perspective. This intimate group vessel is filled with shamanic practices and connections to guide you every step of the way.
Month 1: Build a foundation for shamanic practices and connections. Deepen your awareness of the inner and outer worlds, explore the underworld through dream and journey states, and develop your own daily rituals and Medicine Wheel building.
Month 2: Cultivate and activate your sacred power, integrity, and soulful perspective. Experience and explore Spirit-loss Retrieval, develop word impeccability and word rituals/inner languages of power, and use words of power to shift patterns.
Month 3: Bring everything together and integrate the practices into your daily life. Create a personal myth, provide meaning, myth, codes, belief, and purpose to life, reflect on the journey, and celebrate growth and transformation.
Throughout the program, access instructional and informational documentation, purpose-made recorded shamanic drumming journeys, and meditations. Join us on this transformative journey to unlock your full potential and connect with the sacred in your everyday life.
We are each of us beings enmeshed in the ordinary and the mythic, the body and the spirit, the small and the vast. It is our daily stories, empty of these reminders, that partition us from the medicine of this knowing and sense of mystery, within and without.
In Sway,
Mark Flood | Aois-dàna