One on One Shamanic Sessions

 The sessions can take a few directions, some are below:

Spirit Retrieval Ritual

Working around and seeking out the pieces of spirit loss that can happen when moving through traumatic or highly emotional experiences.

River of Life and Inner Landscape Review

Using our allies we check on the inner energy Health of our internal world.

Doing what we can to restore balance or vitality.

Shamanic Drumming Journey

The drumming journey forms the core of the sessions connection, allowing you to travel into different places of inner connection and deep listening to meet with what needs to be felt, realised or shifted.

• Power Animal and Totemic Connection

Assisting you to find and make connection with your power animal, guide or totem.

Taking a journey of self reflection through the spirit and wisdom of the animal born with us or arriving to support at this stage in your life.

Poetic and Mythic Story Insight

Poetic and Mythic story sharing can offer us a journey of reflection and insight over our lives that is more experience than direct advice.

It offers multiple portals of witness for the imagination - while awakening it, and also permits an understanding that arises out of the places of relatedness we are able to feel while walking within the telling, tales and poetic words.

All poems and pieces of mythic story will arrive from memory, triggered by the intuitive urge of the session.

Cost: $180/Session

(discounts available for low income)

Duration: 1.5 hours

Location: Moving Around Australia - contact me for current location


Online Sessions

In Person 1:1 Space Holding

Online 1:1 Space Holding