Spirit Ally Journey

Power Object and power ally
Relationship development

Throughout many shamanic cultures all over the world spirit guides or allies hold a powerful position and function.
Often the guides are in the form or expression of animals. Some are said to arrive with us when we are born and stay with us our entire life. These totem-ships work as a representation of the core qualities alive in the individual and through bonding with the understanding of this allyship, deep insights and perspectives are shared when conscious awareness is shared, or moves, between the self and the ally.
It is through this shared awareness that self-reflection, self-love, and self-support becomes more potent. As we are able to shift from our fixed perceptions into that or those of the allies; seeing ourself, the world and our place within the meanings of life in expanded and more magical ways.
Also these bonds help us to remove the separation that modern cultures have had created within us - between nature, spirit and our animal kind.
The allies are not always animals and can take on the expression of many forms, sometimes it may be the perennial architypes like, the old wise seer or seeress, a hero, queen or medicine/shamanic guide.
Simply, when we make contact and weave a story around these allyships and our own life there is a sense that you do not walk alone in this world.
And that is powerful in and of itself.
This is one definition of power that allies create.
Of which there are many.
That is why these allies are called - power animals and power allies - and why, when objects are carved or created to represent them, they are called - power objects.
I have a totem and several power allies that I have honoured and loved for much of my life.
Helping others to find and strengthen the bonds to theirs is a passion and joy of mine and I would be honoured to carve out your ally into the real and assist in creating and strengthening the power bond.


-      seek out within a spirit ally through shamanic techniques

-      establish and work with ally to bond and allow influence

-      receive a personally carved timber power object in the form of ally (option)

-     walk away understanding ways to connect with ally

and have a daily ritual to honour them

- Receive visioned poetic story and name of ally


(Online or in person sessions available)

Duration: Minimum 3 x sessions - 1.5hr each
Cost - $155/session - One session/fortnight

Carving of spirit ally (Optional)
(Carving can be done on its own without the sessions if ally is known)
The carving is a large sculpture
brought into form lovingly with great attention to detail and story
some will have sacred stones or gems added to them
when the expression leads that way
Cost -
TBC with requirements and requests
(60% non-refundable deposit to begin the process, 40% upon completion)

1:1 Session structure:

First session - opening the ways in your energy and spirit and making contact. (Carving begins)

Second - deepening the connection by travelling with the ally and working with some of the messages or influences forming in the bond.
(Also sharing insights received through the carving process)

Third - working on retrieving a name, asking how to call ally clearly going forward, and asking on a daily practice to honour and best maintain the power of the bond.
(Carving finished)

Location: Avoca Beach - 2251 - Central Coast NSW