Get in touch below to receive introduction documents and details on the sacred agreement to begin:

Are you seeking to shamanize your life, your ways, your connected practices to the inner and outer world. To hold the pen of Poetic licence, combined with Shamanic passion and the techniques to conjure vision, alter it - to see and act out your place, your part in it, your life, in ways that stir the set, the stagnant, the redundant, the reused - the old?

To be introduced to Shamanism within its circular, cardinal honoring Vessel? Calling through the great hollow bone of your ancestral body - dropping linear allyship - to an all direction companionship through the real body, real emotion, raw humanness and its enmeshment with the spiritual kinds.

Without bypass of the rickety, the incomplete, the shattered - the limp... Acknowleding them as the whole seat of our wholeness, our power, the shamans power, the poets...

This offering refrains from pledging to revolutionize your life. Such a promise, cradled in the crib of your entry into the world, would only usher annihilation. The universe, it seems, does not permit true giving of such certainties, at least not beyond the indeterminable.

However, what I extend is an opportunity—not to redefine your entire existence but to delve into self-awareness. The depth of this exploration hinges on your readiness for change, the nuances of your shifting perspectives, and the layers of definitions cloaked over you, inherited or adopted as masks, coping mechanisms.

Consider this a chance to unfurl your self-related definitions, spreading them out like a map unveiling the unique terrain beneath. It's an invitation to unsettle these definitions, letting them jangle freely or be tossed into the air alongside your everyday cutlery for comprehension—this is the fundamental shamanic and poetic event.

Picture the shaman—a consciousness cursed in its self and outer reflective expansion. A wanderer leaving footprints ever falling over the rim into darkness, having traversed the dissolution of the 'lit' path, encountering true vicissitudes—beautiful, ecstatic, and terrifying—dancing in the blindness of a whisper.

What I convey is not a prescribed path; I see the shamanic figure as the non-path. A rejection of the mainstream, an aversion to any status quo—even recognized alternatives. It's a description of 'a way,' presented with my discomfort to point at all, for therein lies its authenticity. And its resource of function.

This offering asks for entry with caution for proper enrollment, not just to witness anew but to willingly enroll in a journey that requires it. The witness, or the amplification of it, is the only chance to increase anything in the world, be it spiritual sensation, beauty, wonder, or love—already in full quantity, everywhere.

A bit on my stance and a sampler of your facilitator—to say I find myself here through my own path of self-distinction, as self-destroyer and creator, recognizing my role as a speaker with a poetic finger pointing at 'other thans' and gatherings through metaphor, the original language of insights. My function is clear—I observe deeply, contemplate from a dissolving ground, and speak from direct experience. The shamanic and the poetic bind my throat, choking a role out. In this, I have my function—giving a use, filling that use.

This brings us to The Shamanic Way: Footprints in the Dark. Evolved from the Path of Sacred Power group experience, this journey shifts into an exclusive 1:1 vessel spanning six months. Tailored for specific individuals, this extended exploration ensures a deeper slide from the surface into the content that will ask it of you, allowing more time for you to do that.
Only three places are available, starting February 28th, 2024. My commitment is to only these few, ensuring a proper dedication of time.
What I offer is what I've learned, a collection of personally honed shamanic practices and approaches that:
Build a foundation of shamanic practices
• Foster expanded awareness of the inner and outer realms
• Explore dream and journey states to unearth deeper truths
• Forge spiritual connections
• Cultivate and collaborate with inner allies
• Activate sacred power, integrity, and soulful perspective
• Develop linguistic precision and word rituals for empowerment
• Infuse and challenge life with purpose, myth, codes, belief, and meaning
Who is this for?
Those seeking or who are:
• Deeper shamanic connection and practices
• A richer and more profound spiritual meaning
• To connect with inner allies and sacred power
• Facilitators seeking nourishment and expansion
• To infuse their life with myth, belief, and purpose
• Self-expansion and exploration

If this resonates, reach out for details, pricing, or to secure your spot. Limited spaces - only 3 spaces open.
• A 6-month immersive 1:1 online experience
• Bi-Weekly 1:1 Zoom Calls – with rich content, tasks and shared experiences
• Bi-Monthly 1:1 Zoom Shamanic Facilitation - 3 x Private 1:1 Fully facilitated Shamanic Sessions by Mark
• Bi-Weekly Downloadable Resources - Instructional documentation, practices, and intentions
• Custom Shamanic Drumming Journeys and Meditations - Tailored for various explorations
• Daily 1:1 Support - Questions and guidance through Whatsapp

The Monthly breakdown:
Month 1 +2: Embark on the Shamanic Way by setting the stage for your transformative journey. In the first two months, we'll construct a robust foundation of shamanic practices and connections. Dive into the depths of dream and journey states, exploring the rich realms of the underworld. Establish daily rituals while crafting your personal Medicine Wheel, connecting with ancient footsteps and seeking the guidance of your own ancient shaman and power animal.

Month 3 + 4 : Transitioning from the formative platform, the focus shifts to cultivating and expressing your sacred power. Engage in Shamanic Spirit-loss Retrieval to rediscover your original core and integrate fragments left behind. Embrace the art of word impeccability and word rituals, using rebellious language to unsettle your everyday reality. This phase involves a profound journey back to move forward, fostering spiritual fidelity and a soulful stripping away of the unnecessary.
Month 5 + 6: In the final two months, the practices absorbed during your journey will seamlessly integrate into your daily life. Craft your personal myth from the documented story of your experiences. Confront obstacles hindering your desired character, challenging them with demolition, new meaning, codes, belief, and purpose. Reflect on your transformative journey and celebrate the depth of growth you've attained.
Throughout the program, access instructional and informational documentation, purpose-made recorded shamanic drumming journeys, and meditations. Join us on this transformative journey to unlock your full potential and connect with the sacred in your everyday life.
We are each of us beings enmeshed in the ordinary and the mythic, the body and the spirit, the small and the vast. It is our daily stories, empty of these reminders, that partition us from the medicine of this knowing and sense of mystery, within and without.
In Sway,
Mark Flood | Aois-dàna