Mark is an exceptional shamanic facilitator. I have had quite a few sessions with him, and each one is extremely deep and transformative.

The way each session has been delivered has allowed me to reach deep levels of consciousness.

Every session I take with Mark is one to remember and cherish.


I have been a seeker of the deeper meaning of life for over 30 years. Along the way I have studied and worked with a variety of practioners. For 25 years I have worked with many clients so I am aware of what skills it takes to empower others successfully. I met Mark when he was teaching Shamanism and I was one of his students. I have attended group workshops and had one on one sessions with him. A shaman interacts with the world of spirit through altered states of consciousness in order to bring these energies into the physical world for healing and other purposes. Mark is a Shaman, teacher and healer with integrity; creativity; a sense of fun and a deeply compassionate heart. Mark has the discipline; resilience; courage and commitment to live the demanding life of a Shaman in order to be of service to others with humility and wisdom.

When you embrace his sacred offering of Shamanism in a group and or one on one session you will experience a shift in consciousness that will empower your own life journey


Mark is an extraordinary shaman of our time, who lives and teaches from his heart. He exudes presence and a deep wisdom that instantly makes me feel immense peace and absolute trust in his experienced guidance.

I have been doing a mix of privates and duets with my husband for six months now. Through all my many many years of spiritual seeking, his sessions are the most profound and life-changing I have experienced. He lives, breathes and embodies the shamanic way. He meets me where I’m at, merges his own intuition and innovative techniques with ancient shamanic traditions and my own unique connections, to open up doorways to unseen worlds for me to discover more than ever before. Each session is designed and adapted for my needs ,as more unfolds and arises each time.

His words are rich, poetic and insightful, his rattles and drum takes my mind away and allows me to surrender to his journeys, all in his gentle, caring, nurturing presence.

I leave each potent session overflowing with joy, with a greater sense of my true powerful self, more connected to my intuition, a deeper harmony with the earth and a clearer vision of the interconnectedness of all.

I am living more wholeheartedly in the world with a purer love and an innate wisdom that shines through my own creative work to others. I feel more passion and purpose as I design the life I desire.

This stays within me after the sessions, as I notice a distinct inner change, renewed clarity and direct revelations every day. Mark helps me to create my own precious rituals and tools to continue this unravelling at home.

I feel more connected to the mysteries of the world whilst living each day more fully as my authentic self. I more easily live from my heart and trust my own power. I see small miracles, wonder and beauty around me every day.

Mark is generous, genuinely caring, warm-hearted, talented, a beautiful person and a true master of the shamanic way.

His sessions are magical, potent and transformative. If you get a chance to do a session with Mark, you will always be grateful. He is a rare jewel.


Mark has a deep connection with shamanic work, nature and spirit which is evident when he holds space. This opens doors for the participants to find and deepen their own personal connections. His words of wisdom always hit their mark as he tunes into what the group or individuals need to hear at that moment in time. I see Mark as a shamanic guide but whatever his title, his sessions are always powerful, deeply spiritual and a lot of fun.


I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing this class with my husband. Our home 🏠 is our safe space but Marks ability to create a warm place and facilitate a whole days workshop with us had the same affect as spending the day at a retreat. I left revitalised & relaxed with all that I intended to achieve accomplished. Highly recommended


My wife and I recently attended the Shamanic workshop and loved it ... Marks a great facilitator and introduced us to many new and exciting things ... highly recommended.


I Did Shamanic workshops with Mark last year. Loved the experiences & journeys so much that I’m doing it again this year. Mark is a wise & experienced Shaman who guides & teaches us ways of journeying that enables us to connect with our visions, discover empowering insights & finding self. Each week your soul feels so nourished & fulfilled.