Join Andrew Edmonds and Mark Flood for a transformative Men's Gathering at La Tierra Curativa in Ourimbah, NSW. This sacred shamanic circle will run from 10 am to 9 pm, providing a day-long journey of self-discovery and empowerment

During this offering:

• Ground yourself and connect deeply with the land and your own body within a safe and sacred shamanic space.

• Experience the profound effects of breathwork to unlock deep states of consciousness and release pent-up energies.

• Enjoy a nurturing Ceremonial Cocoa, crafted from the plant kingdom, to nourish your body and spirit.

• Indulge in hearty and satisfying meals provided throughout the day.

• Embark on shamanic journeys, delving into the depths of your subconscious and the underworld, accessing hidden insights and wisdom.

• Reflect on the dynamic interplay of male and female energies, exploring the balance within and around you.

• Gather around a comforting fire as daylight fades, immersing in mythic stories and poetic words, bridging the ancient and present.

• Take part in a transformative Fire ritual, shedding outdated burdens and affirming your intentions for a clearer path forward
This immersive day-long offering provides a safe and sacred container for you to tune in to your body and spirit and its expansion, alleviate stresses, explore masculine and feminine polarity, awaken the imagination and experience the transformative power of shamanic practices.

This isn’t an ordinary gathering – that’s what makes it potent. It’s a stepping out, so we can see in.

To book your place please follow the payment link below, and feel free to contact Andrew or Mark for any questions.

Price for the full day, with food and refreshments provided:

Bring a friend and receive $50 discount

+ Purchase for Fathers Day gift and also receive a $50 discount

10am – 9pm Saturday 9th of September
at La Tierra Curativa, Ourimbah NSW

Your Facilitators with over 15 years’ experience:

Andrew Edmonds
Andrew is a shamanic healer, energy healer and holistic counsellor. Originally informed by a scientific rationalist mindset, childhood experiences and a feeling that there was something more drove a quest for knowledge and inner wisdom. His healing path led to many spiritual teachings including meditation, energy work, plant medicine, shamanism, yoga and martial arts, along with more Western disciplines such as philosophy, psychology, psychotherapy, strength training and nutrition.
Andrew’s approach is to connect with the spiritual and inner worlds, embody them in a healthy vessel, and ground those energies into the everyday.
Mark Flood
Mark is a Shamanic Practitioner and group facilitator, Poetic and Sacred Wood Craftsman.
As a Visionary Poetic by nature, to Mark, words are sacred and stories, the magical agency that binds the world and builds the roads at the frontier of identity, and body to spirit relations.
It is through this contemplative, expressive nature and a felt sense of being in the watch and hands of spiritual presence felt since childhood, that Mark has walked a path into the fields of service he now stands.
A path through Intuitive development, Shamanic studies of various cosmologies and lineage, sitting with and learning from Initiated Shamans, counselling, and having sacred life altering experiences at sites and lands around the world.
Marks passion and core intentions within his offerings is to awaken, enliven and remind us of the magic in existence, the transcendental power of spiritual confrontation and support, and the effect of reverent language upon the listening world, within and without.