Join us as we set off on a three day transformative journey of deep listening, total reviewal, release and empowerment.

As we come together in brotherhood to explore the ranging aspects of our masculinity, through archetypal guidance – in a powerful container of sacred circle gathering and shamanic ceremonies and sensibilities.

Held on sacred lands in Ourimbah, we will all move and rest close to mother-ground and nature, stripping away all of the blanketing noise of the unnatural ones so we can be seen and heard.

All will be provided for: Meals, swags and all means of supporting facilitation.

This is a bush site/grounds there is water available, some onsite shelter + we will be providing temporary ones. Sleeping in a swag each (with double mattress) – we will be feeling the presence of this sacred land as closely as possible.

Friday 10:30am Arrival


The Grounding


The Shaman, The Child

⁃ Smudging welcome by first nations cultural man - Tim Selwyn

⁃ Sacred circle introduction, intention setting

⁃ Breathwork ceremony – dropping into body

⁃ Sacred Rapeh/tobacco ceremony

⁃ Nature connection

⁃ Twilight shamanic journeying for integration and self-exploration

⁃ Camp, fire side story and sharing



The Release


Warrior, King

⁃ Dawn shamanic journeying for integration and intention setting

⁃ Primal energy connection and release through embodied grappling

⁃ Anger release ritual

⁃ Nature connection and nature listening

⁃ Twilight shamanic journeying for integration

⁃ Camp, fire side story and sharing



The Return


The Lover

⁃ Dawn shamanic journeying – opening the heart

⁃ Foundations of tantra and how to create more intimacy, connection and happiness in life/relationships – Facilitator Willow Peterson

⁃ Cacao ceremony

⁃ Spirit canoe ceremony

⁃ Sacred circle closing, debrief - share

⁃ Smudging closing by first nations cultural man - Tim Selwyn


This will be a truly total experience. We look forward to walking this 3 day path with you.

Early bird price up to mid November - $888

Late night price- $1111

Payment plans available - contact us to discuss

Meals catered to and for all requests and needs.

Group size limited

Location Ourimbah (Central Coast)Contact us to secure/book your place and Mark or Andrew for more information